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amelka napisał(a) dnia 07.09.2016 o godzinie 19:24


oliwia napisał(a) dnia 06.09.2016 o godzinie 18:38

chcę się zapisach

Billiedraf napisał(a) dnia 03.09.2016 o godzinie 21:33

Dear Friends!

A little over a month ago, we held a private test of our exchange! During those six months together we have done much and today we are pleased to announce that the exchange is open now for all!

We can't say that we are the best, cool, fancy, and other nonsense. This is not so. There are exchanges and older and perhaps for someone much better. We can only say that we have a cohesive team with rich experience, great financial strength and the most serious intentions to enter the TOP5 of the world kryptomere. In what point of our journey to the goal you'll join us it depends on you. Now we are ready to pay maximum attention to all new traders and customers. With the popularity of the decision-making speed and frequency standard boilerplate responses will grow, so if you want to be in dialogue with us and have a personal preference, don't hesitate and use the opportunities that are there now.
Briefly about current our advantages: simple registration and a minimal verification to buy bitcoins easy, intuitive and powerful user interface. Working with him will be a pleasure for both novice and experienced traders; flexible trade Commission, depending on the volume of performed exchanges. no fees for funding and withdrawal of funds, a wide choice of payment systems: Bpay, PayPal, Debit or Credit cards. Individual conditions for depositing and withdrawal of funds for major traders fast and friendly support.
Currently available are the following currency pairs, which we can provide full liquidity: AUD/BTC, AUD/USD, BTC/LTC, LTC/BTC, LTC/AUD, BTC/AUD, AUD/LTC. Please note, the list of trading pairs is constantly expanding.

Methods of communication:
ABN: 44 137 984 359
ACN: 37 984 359


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Marek napisał(a) dnia 02.09.2016 o godzinie 05:14

Witam :)

Marek napisał(a) dnia 02.09.2016 o godzinie 05:14

Witam :)

KlaudiaLL napisał(a) dnia 29.08.2016 o godzinie 14:33

Siemka xD

KAROLINA jsk napisał(a) dnia 28.08.2016 o godzinie 13:59

jaki lol xddd

KAROLINA jsk napisał(a) dnia 23.08.2016 o godzinie 11:29


MichaelMn napisał(a) dnia 14.08.2016 o godzinie 22:06

Domi$ napisał(a) dnia 11.08.2016 o godzinie 18:15

Palce mnie bolą xD

Zdzisław Parówa napisał(a) dnia 11.08.2016 o godzinie 18:00

Elo siema i nara

Gabi napisał(a) dnia 10.08.2016 o godzinie 14:11


++++++ napisał(a) dnia 11.07.2016 o godzinie 10:24


Kuba napisał(a) dnia 05.07.2016 o godzinie 05:23

pisze jak kura pazurem a na dodatek powoli i z błędami xDD

;( napisał(a) dnia 29.06.2016 o godzinie 13:13

powiem szczerze że nie nauczyłam się techniki dzięki której mogłabym szybciej pisać

EEEE napisał(a) dnia 15.06.2016 o godzinie 16:36

Zauważyłem, że ostatnio rozdzielczość tekstu w teście uległa
pogorszeniu. Literki zrobiły się ostre i poszarpane. Idzie
to jakoś naprawić?

FarCryZPeTeEsa napisał(a) dnia 10.06.2016 o godzinie 11:18

Pamiętajcie mnie...

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